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    Based on 3900 reviews
    A1 like the steak sauce

    Well Worth It


    This joint bling harder than my bust down lab diamonds. A must buy. Wallahi!!!

    Came out perfect

    It was worth the wait


    Very nice expecting quality I love it I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking to buy one.


    i ordered two pieces and they came within a 2 weeks, love these pieces.. hopefully look to be purchasing again soon !

    White gold Cartier face

    Flawless ordering again asap

    Boss watch

    Comfortable. Waterproof stylish and keeps perfect time.... I never take it off.....I like it better than my Rolex

    Great quality product!!!

    This was a very nice watch! And this was also great quality as well I would definitely recommend.

    Iced out necklace

    Very beautiful love , going to get another one. Love you so much.

    Great work

    Man these even passed the diamond tester

    Man my son was so happy!! Thank you so much 🙏🏽🙏🏽 this added that extra hump to his prom suit

    Dreams review

    Quality it the best period. I’ve ordered many different pieces and I love them all. It’s the best place to order from

    One of a kind

    I love my new Icey watch , & it’s beautiful

    Yeah this over valid…..

    They legit

    Good quality exactly what I wanted

    Love it...

    Got it in the mail quick and was in shock on the quality... The shine test was my favorite the way u can see it in the dark..... Getting all 3

    My Pendant

    It’s everything that I expected. I’m not gonna lie. I’m ordering two more for my artists

    Great Business

    I got four different pendants and I am pleased they’re beautiful. I’m going to get a few more soon.


    Very happy with the product, will shop again soon


    I love my watch now I need a chain